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Apollo P-1200 Driver for Windows ME / 98 / 95 v.1.0 However, the centronics standard soon became adopted by Printer manufacturers, and many of these printers will work with the older style of computers, provided that you can obtain a suitable centronics (parallel) interface (or have a built in parallel port) - we provide serial to parallel converters for the Sinclair QL, ZX Spectrum and Cambridge Z88 computers. Home Printer Apollo P-1200 About Driver. Download Apollo P-1200 Drivers for Windows. In order to download this driver, please enter the.

HP Apollo P-1200 Ink Cartridges - We may also have a few cables available on our miscellaneous page. When it comes to value for money, the HP Apollo P-1200 printer – and its incredible ink cartridges – really stands out from the rest.

Apollo P2500U Inkjet Printer Electronics Anyone who uses an older type of computer, or DOS based programs will notice that it is becoming harder and harder to find new printers which their computer/program can support. HEWCN551A - HP Officejet 100 L411A Inkjet Printer - Color - 4800 x 1200 dpi Print. The Apollo P-2250 color inkjet printer has a bee and turquoise case whose style departs from. There is a 49-page "Online Manual" in the installation CD.

WPDOS - Printer Drivers for WordPerfect 5.1 Many old computers did not come supplied with a parallel interface, but a serial only port for connecting to serial printers. Download and install the driver for your printer, as described elsewhere on this. Apollo P-1200 series includes P-1220, P-1250; Apollo P-2100 series.

<em>Apollo</em> <em>P-1200</em> Driver for Windows ME / 98 / 95 v.1.0
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<i>Apollo</i> P2500U Inkjet <i>Printer</i> Electronics
WPDOS - <i>Printer</i> Drivers for WordPerfect 5.1
<em>Printer</em> <em>Apollo</em> <em>P-1200</em> OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation

Apollo p-1200 printer manual:

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