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X60 X60s If there is any corrosion or coating over the SDA and SCL connection points - TP switched OFF, no power going to TP, VERY GENTLY scrape away the corrosion and or coating from the SDA and SCL connection points. You should have already downloaded the hardware Maintenance Manual for your ThinkPad model, if you have not done so use the link below to download it.

IBM - Produkty i publikacje po polsku I receive many emails asking about the GND connection, in reality it is very simple, you use some kind of a clip so that you don't have to hold it in place, you DON'T HAVE 3 HANDS and there are 3 connections, GND SDA and SCL, so have a clip for GND, then you can use the 2 hands YOU DO HAVE to hold your SDA and SCL probes in place. PC 300; Aptiva; NetVista; IntelliStation; ThinkPad; Monitory. PC 300. PC300PL typy. ThinkPad A30. NA, NA, Operating Instructions, wyłącznie w IBM Polska.

Ibm - Service Manual free download,schematics,datasheets,eeprom. The links above are to the Lenovo site, if it doesn't work, don't panic, it isn't broken, their site is shut down daily for maintenance and at those times they display spurious messages like the page you requested cannot be found, wait a good while and try again. ThinkPad 600600E HMM.rar. Hardware Maintenance Manual, Notebooks. IBM Thinkpad A30 schematics.pdf. IBM Thiknpad A30.

X60 X60s
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