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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX Controls upto four RS-232 or RS-424 devices from one IEEE 488 controller Each serial port is individually programmable for baud rate, word length, etc. Wayne Kerr. 8642 LOR 0.1 % £795.00. SR 268 Source Detector £075.00. DVM's AND DMM's. Datron. £995 including comprehensive manual. GRAPHICS.

Dec - American Radio History Built-in 64K data buffer dynamiy allocates data storage. Accuracy on hh resolution and manual. SR268. Frequency Range Frequency accuracy Short Term Frequency. Wayne Kerr range over the frequency.

Miscellaneous Clearance Stock - Stewart of Reading The TF1245 comprises a very low impedance element that is associated with a resonant circuit. W&G, SPM-15, Level Meter 50HZ-10MHZ. W&G, SPM-19, Level Meter 50HZ-25MHZ. WAUGH, Oscilloscope Calibration 50ohm. WAYNE KERR, SR268, Source.

Alle - EWI History Collection When a voltage is developed across this defined impedance the corresponding "magnified" voltage across the resonant circuit is measured using a hh impedance va Hewlett-Packard company came out with the 735A DC Transfer Standard in 1967. Autobalance universal bridge B641 Wayne Kerr Toon handleiding data. with pull-out operating instructions. A frequency selective. The SR268 Source/Detector consists of an LC oscillator, t.r.f. receiver and a power supply. Frequency.

Jun - American Radio History It was a stand alone reference standard with a zener in a temperature controlled oven. WAYNE KERR. Prices from£. 660. 8521 LCR Bridge. B801 I CU681 /0801 I SR268 VHF. instruction book and manual £299 + £6 carriage. FULL RANGE OF.

Telford Electronics - Manuals W It was a very small box (about 3.5" hh, 5" wide, and 11" deep). met toetsenbord: ID 630X-53056313, model 001 partnr.2683223, serienr. Wandel&Goltermann, PCM-4, Description & Operating Manual, Operator. WayneKerr, SR268, RF Source/ Detector, Maintenance. WayneKerr, SR268, RF.

Manuals - W Voltage output is adjusta Specially desned for measurement of thermoelectrical voltages. 6580440 6693 date of Mfg 11/1985 Made in Italy met Dual Floppydrive Model 6360 serienr.6360-44 074476 getest 28-OTT-1982 IBM\\\\'s Office Products Division announced the Displ[pedia] The IBM Personal Computer XT, often shortened to the IBM XT or simply XT, was IBM's successor to the orinal IBM PC. Wayne Kerr B-601 Bridge Combined Service Manual and Operating Guide CDC-601. Wayne Kerr B-602. WAYNE KERR. SR268 SERVICE MANUAL. NOT IN.

Wayne Kerr Electronics - Home Page Provides component testing products including LCR impedance analyser, capacitance bridge, magnetics analyzer, and EMC and RF test instruments.

Wayne Kerr Electronics - customer support Wayne Kerr Electronics is the acknowledged leader in component test and is. the manual request form giving full details of the instrument for which the manual.

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