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 <b>ThinkPadョ</b> <b>ThinkPad</b> <b>R60</b>, <b>R60e</b>, R61, and

ThinkPadョ ThinkPad R60, R60e, R61, and Even if it seems to be stuck at a certain temperature, you must take that sensor into account. This manual contains service and reference information for ThinkPad® R60. This is a unique confuration that has been negotiated between IBM or Lenovo.

<em>Thinkpad</em>-Forum - Hardware Maintenance

Thinkpad-Forum - Hardware Maintenance While it will probably make the fan spin faster than if the sensor was nored, that's exactly what would happen when the fan is under EC control, and could very well be the reason for the "stuck" value in the first place. If a battery pack seems to want the fan to always run faster, the only safe thing to do is to make it run faster. SelectaDock I, SelectaDock II and ThinkPad 365. SelectaDock II. ThinkPad R60, R60e, R61, R61i 14.1 inch and 15 inch standard screens. ThinkPad R61.

<em>Lenovo</em> <em>IBM</em> <em>Thinkpad</em> <em>R60</em> <em>R60e</em> Disassembly only to fan -

Lenovo IBM Thinkpad R60 R60e Disassembly only to fan - (disengaged) An ACPI fan control script can be used to override the firmware's fan algorithm with gentler, quieter version. The disassembly video of a Thinkpad R60. It only goes as far as removing the Fan, because that is all that I needed it for. For more information.

Ibm thinkpad lenovo r60 manual:

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