Stihl 038 service manual

Fuel Tank - Sti Chainsawr Fits Sti 044AV, 044 Magnum Part: fuel tank rear trger handle (older style for regular screw in filler cap), bare bones. Sti 038 AV chainsaw fuel tank rear handle assembly 11 NEW. sti 028 av wb chainsaw fuel tank rear trger handle assembly #1 with throttle.

STI 026 Part number 11, 11213500829, 11, 11213510500 Condition: good used/working shape Fits: sti 024, 026 av Part: fuel tank - includes the handle cover molding, throttle trger, saftey lever interlock, impulse line, throttle rod, fuel cap Condition: Section of rear housing plastic broken off, still in usable/working order with no leaks. Plug * X 32 252 038 31.95. 1 026, 2 026 W, 3 026 C. 1 Nameplate STI 05.93. 133ET070 SC. 16. 6. 13. 4. 6. 1 Instruction label. 4. 11.

Sti Chainsawr Includes: tank, handle cover moulding 11, trger 11, safety 11, throttle link 11, tank vent 00, and fuel lines 11, 11, 42. Has some minor scuffing/staining Fits: Sti 046 AV Magnum, 046av, 046 Magnum Part: fuel tank rear handle kit (for regular screw in filler caps) includes the handle molding cover, throttle trger and safety lever interlock, fuel line, throttle link, toggle switch Part # 11, 11, 11 Condition: good used/working order Fits: Sti 024, 02... Fits: Sti 028 av, wb, 028 AV Super, 028 Woodboss AV Super Part: fuel tank rear trger handle- bare bones Condition: Is stained and has some dings in the plastic but in good used/working order with no leaks. Lots of parts for Sti chainsaws. Older models such as 021, 023, 025, 026, 034, 036, 044, 046, 042, 048 031, 041, 028, 038 rht on through newer parts f.

Sti / Muffler - Sti Chainsawr Fits: Sti 034 av Part: fuel tank rear trger handle housing. Part # 11, 11 Fits: MS 440 Magnum, and can be retrofit onto sti 044 Magnum AV as long as you get a new gas cap for it. Includes: tank, trger 11, safety 11, throttle link 11, tank vent 00, and fuel lines 11, 11, 42. Sti 024, 026, ms260 chainsaw muffler new replaces part # 11 Misc 1E. sti 038 av, magnum, super chainsaw muffler assembly new replaces pn.

How to Replace the Bar & Chain Oil Pump Worm Gear on a In good used shape Fits Sti MS-362 Part: fuel tank rear trger handle with handle cover, throttle trger and safety interlock Condition: has a minor break on front edge but is in good used/working shape, no leaks Fits: Sti 042, 048 Fuel gas tank housing assembly 11. Includes the handle cover, throttle trger, safety, toggle switch shaft, fuel line and filter Condition: good used/working shape. Visit follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on.

Sti Manuals - Garden Hire Spares Part: fuel tank rear trger handle with throttle trger, safety lever interlock, handle cover molding, fuel hose line and filter, tank vent, wire Part # 11 Condition: new, after-market part Fits: Sti 038, MS380, 038 AV, 038 Super, 038 Magnum Part: plastic rear trger/fuel tank with throttle trger, safety and handle cover. 11, 11, 11 Faded/yellowed, small corner missing off the bottom plate in back as pictured. Genuine Sti MS170, MS180 Owners Manual. GHS Part No. 2091; REPLACES. 2555 Genuine Sti TS410, TS420 Spare Parts Manual. GHS Part No.

Stihl 038 service manual:

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